Welcoming scenery


A breathtaking setting, surrounded by natural beauty, peace and tranquility. Located in Fazenda Nova, a district of Brejo da Madre de Deus, situated in the theater-city of Nova Jerusalém, takes place, for more than 40 years, the great performance of Passion of Christ reenactment, during Holy Week.



Complete infrastructure


The architectural combination of buildings from the time of Jesus with comfort and modernity. We have 40 rooms all with air conditioner, Wi-Fi internet connection, TV, intercom and fridge. Sports fields, swimming pool with a whirlpool, children’s play area, sauna, massage parlor, game room, bar and restaurants.



Delightful Gastronomy


A delicious tour through the unique regional cuisine, passing by a fine themed dinner of Holy Supper and ending up in tasteful desserts such as Peito de Nega and Ambrosia. We offer an exceptional Portuguese, Chilean and domestic wine list, besides special cocktails like “Prazeres de Herodes” (Herodes’ Joy) and “Pura Paixão” (Pure Passion).



Interactive Tourism


In a celebration environment, our guests dress up in Roman costumes and take part in a themed supper and party in the scenario of Holy Supper, in the open-air theater of Nova Jerusalém. During Holy Week, the guests are invited to participate as extras in Passion of Christ presentation.




"A vida colocou-me diante da pedra e da figura de granito que é o homem nordestino. Aquele era meu povo, cantando num cenário de sol."

Fones: 81 99673-0805

E-mail: contato@pousadadapaixao.com.br

Teatro de Nova Jerusalém, s/nº Fazenda Nova | Pernambuco | CEP: 55175-000

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